Our Executive Team

Dan Burton

Chief Executive Officer

Holly Rimmasch

Chief Clinical Officer

Patrick Nelli


Paul Horstmeier

Chief Operating Officer

Trudy Sullivan

Chief Communications and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Bryan Hinton

Chief Technology Officer

Tarah Neujahr Bryan

Chief Marketing Officer

Bryan Hunt

Chief Financial Officer

Russell Staheli

Chief Customer Officer

Linda Llewelyn

Chief People Officer

Jason Jones

Chief Data Science Officer

Steve Barlow

Co-Founder and Senior Vice President

Tom Burton

Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer

Dan Orenstein

General Counsel

Tom Leifsen

Executive Vice President, Sales

Anne Marie Bickmore

Senior Vice President, Company Operations

Britney Rosenau

Senior Vice President, Engagement Management

Dan LeSueur

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Outsourced Business

Dan Unger

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Financial Transformation Business

Eric Just

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Application Suite Business

Jeff Selander

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Expansion Business

Kyle Salyers

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

Leslie Falk

Senior Vice President, Customer Success

Mike Doyle

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Professional Services

Sadiqa Mahmood, DDS, MPH

General Manager & Senior Vice President, Life Sciences Business

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