Cloud Services


Catalyst offers its platform and applications via a Software-as-a-Service offering, which includes:

  • Platform and infrastructure maintenance
  • EDW database administration
  • QlikView server administration
  • Backup and recovery
  • Migration from development to production
  • Supply and maintenance of all 3rd party licenses, with the exception of QlikView

Our Cloud Services architecture is designed to support logical and physical separation of environments, virtualized infrastructure, secure point-to-point communication, and encryption of data in flight and at rest.

Security is of the utmost importance to us, and as such we have incorporated key features such as utilization of Microsoft Active Directory, a single login between applications and the EDW, one-way and non-transitive trust relationships, and a requirement to establish trust between the customer and private cloud domain. Catalyst provides the ability to audit user application and EDW query access.

Clients benefit from Health Catalyst’s expertise in areas such as monitoring, database administration, storage, and networking, and typically realize significant resource savings from transitioning to a hosted solution.

Clinical Improvement Cycle

Health Catalyst has identified a core set of clinical improvement processes, divided into five key checkpoints, that help a client to systematically use data to identify, prioritize, and make systematic improvements.  We call this our clinical improvement cycle.  The following graphic shows the steps in each checkpoint.

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  • Confirm team mission, charter, roles
  • Review AIM options
  • Gather best practices
  • Profile and visualize preliminary data
  • Select 2-3 potential AIMs
  • Guidance team validation


  • Review visualized drafts of AIM cohort findings
  • Identify data quality issues
  • Direct observation
  • Prioritize and select AIM #
  • Review cohort criteria and visualizations
  • Guidance team validation


  •  Finalize cohort
  • Identify intervention(s)
  • Direct observation
  • Solicit front line input on AIM and intervention
  • Define intervention rollout plan
  • Guidance team validation


  • Solicit front line plan input
  • Finalize analytics dev testing, and rollout support
  • Finalize intervention rollout plan
  • Guidance team validation


  • Review initial results
  • Identify, approve any modifications to intervention rollout
  • Review lessons learned
  • Create next AIM statement
  • Repeat process

Prerequisites: Recruit team, Train Team

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