Hawaii Pacific Health

Improving Data Integrity Leads to Lower Supplies Costs

Annually, U.S. hospital supply chain overspend costs an estimated $25.4 billion, which represents 30 percent of all hospital spending. Utilizing data and analytics, Hawai’i Pacific Health gained a deep understanding of its supply chain processes and data, allowing it to improve and maintain the reliability of this information, leading to meaningful and sustained improvements across the system.

Data-Driven Labor Management Delivers Financial and Operational Improvements

Managing and retaining a talented workforce represents approximately 60 percent of hospital costs. In an effort to improve staffing efficiency, Hawai‘i Pacific Health (HPH) sought to realign its staffing practices to better manage and predict its labor needs. Utilizing its data platform and analytics, HPH was able to forecast its workforce needs and effectively manage staff schedules—two changes that led to significant cost savings.