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Chilmark Report Studies the 2017 Healthcare Analytics Market Trends and Vendors

Chilmark’s 2017 Healthcare Analytics Market Trends Report is a trove of insights to the analytics solutions driving the management of population health and the transition to new reimbursement models.
The report reviews the analytics market forces at work, such as:

The need to optimize revenue under diverse payment models.
The increasing importance of analytics in general, and a platform in specific, that can aggregate all data.
Continuing confusion about how to react to MIPS and APMs.
The growing importance of providing a comprehensive set of open and standard APIs.
The need for better tools to create analytics-ready data stores.

The report is also a succinct guide to the 17 leading analytics vendors (which represent EHR, HIE, payer, and independent categories) with the most promising products, technology, and services offerings in the market.

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Understanding the Culture and Core of Health Catalyst: One Man's Perspective

Typical venture capital meetings with prospective entrepreneurial businesses usually cover routine information about how the company in question will achieve growth and financial success. But imagine a meeting so exceptionally different from traditional venture capital meetings that one of the original investors feels inspired to join the company as a team member. This is exactly what happened after Kyle Salyers listened to Health Catalyst’s management team explain the company’s goal of creating business value by first focusing on its cultural attributes and operating principles.

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