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Diversity in the Workplace: A Principle-Driven Approach to Broadening the Talent Pool

Improving diversity and inclusivity in healthcare, and any industry, is more than just the right thing to do: it’s an intelligent business decision with impacts on productivity, sales, and innovation.
Organizations committed to addressing the lack of diversity and inclusivity in healthcare should start by thinking about the principles and values that underlie their cultures. At Health Catalyst, every diversity initiative is founded in one of the core principles that motivates our work and is embodied by every team member:


But turning the tide on monumental challenges, like closing the gender gap in technology (women hold less than 26 percent of U.S. technology jobs), requires more than a return to values; it requires initiatives, from equitable hiring practices to mentorship programs, that reflect an understanding of the diverse populations in the talent pool.

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Leslie Falk

Health Catalyst Named One of Best Places to Work in IT

Digital magazine and website Computerworld has named Health Catalyst to its 2017 Best Places to Work in IT list. Health Catalyst joins 100 IT companies that are leading the way in employee satisfaction and engagement with generous salaries, exceptional benefits, ongoing learning, and more.
According to Ken Mingis, executive editor of Computerworld, IT employee satisfaction is increasingly vital: “As technology moves to the strategic center of every business, the ability of the enterprise to attract and retain skilled IT talent has become critically important.”
Some of the team member-reported attributes that make Health Catalyst a best place to work include:

Above-market compensation.
Great work-life balance, thanks to unlimited PTO, company holidays, a work-from-home policy, and maternity and paternity leave.
Companywide bonus structure.
Fitness benefits, including onsite gym with fitness classes.
Education/training reimbursement.

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Paul Horstmeier

Health Catalyst Named a Best Place to Work for Women in Utah

Career Contessa (a blog for professional women) selected Health Catalyst as one of Salt Lake City’s top 5 companies with the best benefits for women thanks to a culture that prioritizes work-life balance and offers numerous benefits:

Unlimited paid time off
Onsite gym
Wellness program
Breakrooms with free food and drink
Flexible work hours
Treadmill and stand-up desks
Above average compensation

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Jeff Selander

Health Catalyst Jobs: Growing and Innovating with Help from Utah

The State of Utah is helping Health Catalyst grow and add jobs through tax incentives. This will mean almost 300 potential new jobs located in Utah over the next five years. We consider this to be a kind of investment Utah is making in Health Catalyst. Utah is experiencing booming growth and as Health Catalyst achieves success, we add to this growth by contributing jobs and providing economic stimulus to support industries around us. We are grateful to Utah for the vote of confidence in allocating its scare and important public resources. It’s an honor to work and live here.

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