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Steve Catmull

Steve joined Health Catalyst in October 2013. Prior to coming to Health Catalyst, Steve worked for Intermountain. Steve has a degree in Business Information Systems from USU.

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Steve Catmull

Patient Engagement And Outcomes Improvement from the Patient’s Perspective

Usually, when we think of the phrase “patient engagement,” we think of what providers and healthcare systems are doing to involve patients in their own care. Patient engagement is often defined as providing access to a patient portal or reaching out to patients through social media channels or via an organization’s website. But it’s also about patients proactively becoming involved in their own care, in partnership with their healthcare providers. Call it “DIY” or “personalized” medicine, but it can reduce preventable admissions and shorten lengths of stay. It can also significantly improve an individual’s outcomes and always creates better awareness of one’s symptoms and how they are changing. With proper tracking, patients can create a view of their personal data that enhances what’s conventionally available to their providers. This is one motivated patient’s account through an episode of personalized medicine.