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Spencer Nicol

Spencer Nicol joined Health Catalyst in September 2012 as a Data Architect. Prior to coming to Health Catalyst, he worked for Equation Consulting as an Analyst/Developer. Spencer has an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Utah.

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Spencer Nicol

The Powerhouse Data Analytics and Visualization Tool That Excels

There are many advanced tools that come to mind when considering healthcare data analytics and visualization. Microsoft Excel may not necessarily make the list, but it has distinct advantages, the least of which are that it’s already installed on your system and that you already know how to use it. Healthcare finance folks already know the capabilities of Excel when it comes to quantitative analysis. Excel also deserves a place on the podium when it comes to pulling data from the warehouse and from various source marts. Excel pivot tables are extraordinary for providing ad hoc analysis. And when preceded by dimensional modeling—with the help of Health Catalyst’s data architects—Excel can easily transform large datasets. This article summarizes all of the surprising features that Excel brings to the data analytics and visualization table.