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Sean Stohl started with Health Catalyst in 2012. He oversees the Data Acquisition Services Team in Product Development that works with Health Catalyst’s clients to bring their source system data into their Enterprise Data Warehouse. Sean also works on the Health Catalyst Analytics Platform and enhancing it to bring in new sources of data into the EDW. Prior to joining Health Catalyst, Sean worked at Goldman Sachs in the Private Wealth Management Technology group and Intel Corporation. Sean holds a MS in Information Systems Management and a BS in Business Management from Brigham Young University.

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Bryan Hinton
Sean Stohl

Hadoop in Healthcare: Getting More from Analytics

Healthcare data is positioned for momentous growth as it approaches the parameters of big data. While more data can translate into more informed medical decisions, our ability to leverage this mounting knowledge is only as strong as our data strategy. Hadoop offers the capacity and versatility to meet growing data demands and turn information into actionable insight.
Specific use cases where Hadoop adds value data strategy include:

Machine learning

Sean Stohl

Healthcare Interoperability: New Tactics and Technology

Every provider agrees on the need for healthcare interoperability to achieve clinical data insights at the point of care. The question is how to get there from the myriad technologies and the volumes of data that comprise electronic medical records. It’s been difficult to organize among participants that have had little incentive to cooperate. And standards for sending and receiving data have been slow to develop. This is changing, but the key components that are still vital to realizing insights are closed-loop analytics and its accompanying tools, an enterprise data warehouse and analytics applications. This article defines the problems and explores the solutions to optimizing clinical decision making where it’s needed most.