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The Scottsdale Institute (SI) is a not-for-profit membership organization of prominent healthcare systems whose goal is to support our members as they move forward to achieve clinical integration and transformation through information technology. SI facilitates knowledge sharing by providing intimate and informal forums that embrace SI's "Three Pillars": Collaboration Education Networking

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Scottsdale Institute

Integrating Data Across Systems of Care: Four Perspectives from Industry Leaders

How to integrate data across systems of care depends on the organization’s perspective. In this report from the Scottsdale Institute, learn how leaders from Health Catalyst, Cerner, Geisinger, and CHI have tackled issues such as population health, HIEs, value-based payments, and data governance. Ultimately the starting point isn’t really how to integrate the data, but why the data needs to be integrated in the first place. The approach changes, for example, when an organization needs to combine data for a regulatory report versus using data for real-time patient-physician interaction.