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Nate Arnold

Nate Arnold joined Health Catalyst in January 2012 after a 16 year stint at MultiCare Health System where he served in many technical and leadership roles. In the last 5 years he was the Manager of IT Systems, Operations and Database. These responsibilities covered a wide swath of IT needs including, data center operations, IT disaster recovery, server and database administration, and MultiCare’s application and web development team. Nate also worked with Epic for 15 years as a Caché System Administrator. Prior to MultiCare he worked for Nathan Adelson Hospice in Las Vegas and interned with Intermountain Health Care’s at Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George, UT.

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Nate Arnold

PHI Security and Auditing: Reducing Risk and Ensuring Compliance with a Data Warehouse

EHRs and other electronic health information has created many benefits for patients and the healthcare industry, from improved treatment to reduced duplication of services. However, electronic data also increases the risks associated with PHI. Ensuring compliance with PHI security, including auditing trails, is more important than ever. Breaches constitute a violation of HIPAA and can result in stiff financial penalties and tarnished reputations. Health Catalyst addresses security compliance using a multifaceted solution that ensures the right balance between having enough granularity of information available to the people who need it and securing that information from people who don’t need that level of detail.

Nate Arnold

EDW Cloud Hosting: Is It Right for Your Health System?

Hosting data in the cloud is a hot topic in the IT world, and now health systems are starting to embrace the technology, since it’s secure and HIPAA-compliant. While it’s not suitable for all organizations, many will benefit by using cloud hosting for their EDW. This article will explain the pros and help you understand if your organization is a good candidate.