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Maureen Bisognano

Maureen was the former IHI President and CEO for five years, after serving as Executive Vice President and COO for 15 years. She is a prominent authority on improving health care systems, whose expertise has been recognized by her elected membership to the National Academy of Medicine (IOM), among other distinctions. Ms. Bisognano advises health care leaders around the world, is a frequent speaker at major health care conferences on quality improvement, and is a tireless advocate for change.

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Maureen Bisognano

Five Data-driven Patient Empowerment Strategies

Data plays a big role toward empowering patients to become more involved in their care. With data, digital tools, and education, patient empowerment can act like a blockbuster drug to produce exceptional outcomes.
Data empowers patients five ways:

Promotes patient engagement.
Produces patient-centered outcomes.
Helps patients practice self-care.
Improves communication with clinicians.
Leads to faster healing and independence.

Clinicians using creative, innovative care strategies, and patients with access to the right tools and technology, can produce remarkable results in terms of cost, health outcomes, and experience.

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