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Matt Unwin

Matt Unwin joined Health Catalyst in May 2012 as a Senior Data Architect. Prior to coming to Health Catalyst, he worked for the Church of Latter Day Saints as a Database Administrator. Matt has an MBA from Brigham Young University and a baccalaureate in French from the University of Utah.

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Matt Unwin

Early- vs. Late-Binding Speed: Which Is the Faster Data Warehouse?

Which is a faster data-warehousing model, early-binding or late-binding? Skipping the suspense, the late-binding approach is the speedier option. Binding has to do with how data is modeled within the EDW. Early-binding requires business rules to be set up early in the analysis process. This means early-binding isn’t very flexible or adaptable to changes. On the other hand, the late-binding approach is all about speed and flexibility. Business rule decisions can happen at the last moment, right when the analysis takes place.