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Maryann Vienneau is the Program Director for Partners Healthcare’s Integrated Care Management Program (iCMP) and Palliative Care Strategy. The iCMP program is a program that focuses on chronically ill medically/psycho/social complex patients by providing these patients with high touch care management services through a multi-disciplinary care team that includes RNs, SWs, Pharmacists, Community Health Workers and Community Support Specialists. The program currently manages about 12,000 high risk adult and 500 high risk pediatric patients and has over 100 staff deployed across the Partners network with great success in impacting cost and utilization among these complex patients. Maryann has been working for Partners for over 15 years prior to joining Partners Maryann worked for Tufts Health Plan. Through her experience on both the payor and provider side Maryann has learned how to integrate her experiences into launching a successful high risk care management program . Maryann has an extensive background in database development and implementation as well as data analysis.

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Why Care Management Thrives with a Program Manager

As an improvement process, care management work is ongoing. This makes a program manager an essential role in the care management leadership team—along with a governance team and physician and nurse leader. From the initiation of care management to its maintenance, the program manager ensures that strategic initiatives are operationalized and sustained. Their responsibilities include:

Overseeing ongoing program evaluation and improvement.
Contributing to budget planning, justification, and approval.
Overseeing change management and program maintenance.
Overseeing ongoing expansions to the care program.