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Lisa Lendway

Lisa joined Health Catalyst in January 2015 as a Senior Stastician. Prior to coming to Health Catalyst, she worked for Allina Health as a Senior Statistician. Lisa has a PhD in Statistics from the University of Minnesota.

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Lisa Lendway

Healthcare Visualizations: Are You Getting the Entire Story?

The emergence of powerful and user-friendly healthcare data visualization programs has transformed analytical reporting. The amount of information conveyed by all types of graphs, symbols, sizes, and colors is staggering. The ability to “drill down” in real-time with increasing levels of granularity enables all manner of analyses. The downside of this data hunger is the creation of simplified, context-free visualizations which may inadvertently lead to misinterpretations, most often in the form of a false positive (believing a change has occurred that really hasn’t). This often leads to knee-jerk reactions to correct the “change” and unnecessary actions being taken that waste time, effort, and money. Avoiding the most common pitfalls will ensure your organization has the most complete picture to drive meaningful change.