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Kristi Mousel has been focusing in BI and DW for the last 15 years of her 30 year IT career, partnering with various organizations in industries including healthcare, finance, financial services, manufacturing and transportation. She has developed multiple BI and DW programs from the ground up, and has repeatedly witnessed how Self-Service BI has been a game changer for organizations. The common goal is to, securely, put the data in the hands of the business users, and the users have taken this ability to commendable levels of success. Ms. Mousel’s approach is there is no single roadmap to successful Self-Service BI – it is based upon the organization’s strategy, goals and business requirements. Kristi is open to consulting opportunities via BI Innovations, Inc., assisting organizations initiate and/or re-align their BI and DW programs.

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Brian Eliason, MIS
Kristi Mousel

Self-Service Hospital Reporting Possibilities: Enabling Clinicians to Make Faster and More Informed Decisions

Self-service capabilities are growing in our society and it’s starting to make its way into hospital reporting. Traditionally, analytics and reports have fallen under the purview of the IT department. However, this approach takes more time and is ineffective when trying to make care improvements. With self-service analytics tools, clinicians and other users can access and analyze data on their own, leaving IT to do the more complex analytical tasks and function at the top of their education.