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Justyn Keck

Justyn Keck joined Health Catalyst in June 2013 as a Data Architect. Prior to Health Catalyst, Justyn worked for BMW Financial Services as a Reporting Specialist. Justyn Keck has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Utah.

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Justyn Keck

Beyond Healthcare Dashboards: Deeper Decision Support

As access to healthcare data grows, healthcare leaders are using more data to make decisions. Leaders at every level need a decision-support tool that meets the demands of today’s increasingly data-rich environment. Healthcare dashboards once filled this niche, but no longer keep up with ever-growing data demands. Fortunately, an innovative visual reporting system, Leading Wisely®, picks up where dashboards fall short—enabling faster reporting and customized, self-service capability for comprehensive data-driven support.
Leading Wisely’s key next-level features include:

Customization, allowing the individual user to personally tailor measures.
Proactive alerts, prompted by personalized notification settings.
User friendly layout, with easy-to-read highlights that indicate if a measure if moving off course.