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John Simmons

John Simmons joined Health Catalyst in February 2013 as a Technical Director. Prior to coming to HC, he worked for USANA Health Sciences as a Sr. ETL Developer. John has an M.B.A. from the University Of Utah School Of Business.

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John Simmons

Healthcare Analytics Applications: Why You Need an Out of Box Solution with Customizability

Providers throughout the U.S. are facing difficult choices for their healthcare analytics applications: should they use an out-of-the-box solution or put in the extra time, effort, and expense to develop a customized solution? Out-of-the-box healthcare analytics applications are just that — they’re applications most health systems can use as-is because the application is designed to work well with the popular source systems in the marketplace. To really gain a deep understanding of the organization and its patients, though, customization of the analytics application is necessary. Customization enables analysts to dig much deeper into the data — and not just after the initial implementation. Instead, the best type of customized healthcare analytics applications solutions can accommodate endless customizations time after time based on new definitions and rules. By selecting customized applications, health systems will get made-to-order analytics that will provide a return on investment — now and in the future.