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Jennie Welch

Jennie Welch joined Health Catalyst in July 2013 as Vice President of Sales. Prior to coming to Health Catalyst, she worked for HCPro, Inc. as Regional Manager, Enterprise Sales. Jennie is a RN with 10+ years of clinical bedside experience primarily in Emergency Nursing, with additional nursing experience in Critical Care, Medical Oncology Hematology, and Medical Surgical in various community hospitals, trauma centers, and teaching hospitals throughout the US. Jennie transitioned from nursing to technology after being recruited to Protocol Systems where she worked as a Sales Clinical Applications Specialist for 4+ years, conducting sales presentations and demonstrations on Protocol’s enterprise-wide flexible cardiac/telemetry monitoring system and medical instrumentation devices. After spending 5 years at Mylan Bertek Pharmaceuticals, she spent 6 years as a Sales Executive for Elsevier calling on hospital decision makers selling and supporting enterprise-wide clinical decision support tools and solutions for medical, pharmacy, and nursing. Most recently, she was part of a sales team that launched a new revenue cycle product for HCPro.

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Jennie Welch

Improving Clinical Workflow: An Example from the Emergency Department

ED workflow, when it is efficient, saves time, money, and lives. In the shift to value-based reimbursements, it can also significantly affect payment. A few ways CMS measures the care quality in an ED includes median time of arrival to department for admitted patients, for discharged patients, and median time from admit decision to departure for admitted patients. This means that the workflow of EDs will be publicly evaluated. To improve workflow and throughput, it’s helpful to look at two things: a value-stream map and throughput analytics. Using the Health Catalyst application Patient Flow Explorer, you can see all this and more.

Jennie Welch

Healthcare Careers: From Nursing to Health Information Technology

I always knew I wanted a healthcare career. I didn’t know I end up going from nursing to health information technology (IT). I loved caring for patients directly and making a difference in the life of an individual. For years, I thrived on the challenge of being a nurse and when I started to look for a new challenge, I found a way to impact patients millions of a time instead of just one-at-a-time in health IT. As I researched the opportunity of working for Health Catalyst, I was impressed by the fact that the company was founded and run by healthcare veterans—people who have actually worked in the halls of hospitals. I feel like I’ve come full circle. Working in health IT, we are making a difference in healthcare—for nurses, for physicians, and for their patients. I look forward to transforming healthcare with Health Catalyst for a long time to come.