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Jeffrey Wu

Jeffrey Wu's background is founded in healthcare IT after spending 6 years at Epic managing and implementing Epic’s suite of surgical products. He then moved into the analytics space by joining Qlik as Qlik’s senior solutions architect in the healthcare space. Following his experience at Qlik, Jeffrey completed a Masters of Public Health in epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, focusing on outcomes analysis for UW Health’s population health initiatives including their reporting process within their MSSP-ACO. Jeffrey joined Health Catalyst to help transform their analytical tools into more real-time and actionable products, integrated with workflow systems such as the Electronic Health Record.

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Jeffrey Wu

Closed-Loop Analytics Approach: Making Healthcare Data Actionable

Healthcare organizations rely on data to support informed decisions. To be truly valuable, data must be high quality and meet two criteria for end-users:

Data must be transformed from its raw, obscure form into actionable insights.
Data-driven insights must be immediately accessible at the point of care (versus in static dashboards or buried on the intranet).

Closed-Loop Analytics™ methodology transforms raw data into actionable, accessible insight—providing physicians and nurses with critical insight into their patients’ situation and how they can effectively intervene. A Closed-Loop Analytics approach will become increasingly essential as healthcare becomes more systems dependent.