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Jeff started his career in telecommunication focused on federal funding for states and education organizations. He is a recognized expert in the FCC’s E-rate program and founding board member of the National E-rate Service Providers Association driving millions for technology in public educations. Jeff’s experience with federal government funding lead him to become a national expert on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act helping Western states secure millions in grant funds and appropriately comply, monitor, and use those funds. Jeff has been a team member of Health Catalyst since 2012 and currently serves as a Senior Vice President.

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Greg Anderson
Jeff Grandia

Healthcare Relief Funding: Five Steps to Maximize COVID-19 Dollars

While federal COVID-19 relief funding for health systems sounds good in theory, many organizations have found accessing and using these monies overwhelming and frustrating. Federal guidance has been inconsistent or incomplete, and continued changes to relief packages and policies challenge organizations to develop pragmatic financial recovery strategies. Financial leaders who are confronting more questions than answers need a simple framework to move confidently into recovery.
The following five expert financial- and healthcare-based guidelines will help organizations navigate and optimize COVID-19 relief funding:

Regularly review legislative and regulatory updates and agency activity.
Make the most of what’s available.
Use required reporting as a decision-making tool.
Prepare now for the inevitable audit.
Test compliance now to eliminate headaches (or litigation) later.