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James Bulger

James Bulger joined Health Catalyst January, 2015. Prior to coming to Health Catalyst, he worked for Allina Health, spending nearly 20 years in Library Services, and as manager for the past 8 years. James has a Master in Library Science (MLIS) degree from Dominican University.

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James Bulger

Medical Libraries: An Essential Resource in Outcomes Improvement

In healthcare outcomes improvement work, where best-practice insight and evidence-based knowledge are critical, medical libraries are an essential resource. Medical libraries are more valuable than ever in today’s digital world, in which information is readily available, but accessing accurate, focused evidence requires specialized skill and means.
Organizations aiming to improve quality and move successfully toward value-based care need both data from the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and evidence from the medical library. While data identifies opportunities for improvement, evidence furnished by the medical library shows whether proposed solutions are viable. Together, both knowledge bases drive pragmatic, sustainable improvement.