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Greg Stock, MPA

Greg Stock is CEO at Thibodaux Regional Medical Center. He brings with him valuable professional experiences and important instincts relative to succeeding in today’s often volatile health care industry. His collaborative management style, strong physician relations skills, an easy, outgoing manner, sense of humor and ability to challenge his staff to perform at their very best enable him to continue achieving and earning the loyalty and respect of others who also are committed to excellence. Greg earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1978 and a Master of Health Care Administration/Public Administration degree from Brigham Young University in 1980.

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Greg Stock, MPA

How Great Patient Satisfaction Metrics Can Be Achieved in a Regional Medical Center

With the major shift to value-based care sweeping across the U.S. landscape, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to significantly improve their patient satisfaction metrics. Thibodaux Regional Medical Center has done just that by creating a culture of patient-centered excellence. Their formula includes three key promises that have become the heart and soul of their operations: (1) provide great clinical care, (2) provide great emotional care, and (3) invest in great technology and processes.