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Greg Miller

Greg Miller joined Health Catalyst in February 2014. Greg has been in the Healthcare IT industry since 1985, starting his career at New England Medical Center in Boston. Over the years, he worked with innovative healthcare IT vendors and consulting firms such as TSI, Healthlink, IBM, Picis and most recently, Medicity. Before coming to Health Catalyst, he led a consulting practice called Storyleaders.

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Greg Miller

Interoperability in Healthcare Data: A Life-Saving Advantage

When health system clinicians make care decisions based on their organization’s EHR data alone, they’re only using a small portion of patient health information. Additional data sources—such as health information exchanges (HIEs) and patient-generated and -reported data—round out the full picture of an individual’s health and healthcare needs. This comprehensive insight enables critical, and sometimes life-saving, treatment and health management choices.
To leverage the data from beyond the four walls of a health system and combine it with clinical, financial, and operational EHR data, organizations need an interoperable platform approach to health data. The Health Catalyst® Data Operating System (DOS™), for example, combines, manages, and leverages disparate forms of health data for a complete view of the patient and more accurate insights into the best care decisions.

Greg Miller

Healthcare analytics applications to the rescue — or not?

Better analytics technology alone will not achieve the healthcare industry’s desired improvements in life, efficiency, effectiveness, or provider and patient satisfaction. That all will change, however, when the technology is combined with a deployment system. With such a system, health systems learn from experienced healthcare experts about how to use the information from their analytics applications to transform from the old world to the new.

Greg Miller

From Ski Industry Management to a Career in Healthcare Information Technology: How Improving Healthcare Became a Skier’s Passion

Not all healthcare information technology experts know what they want to be when they grow up. Some detour down other career paths first. That’s what happened with Greg Miller. But after fortuitously meeting with a healthcare CIO to explore career opportunities, he discovered a passion for healthcare transformation. Then he went on to find a company that made his dreams possible.