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Elaine St. James, BSN, RN, CPHQ

Elaine St. James has health care experience of over 30 years spanning critical care nursing, nursing management, clinical risk management, quality improvement, patient safety, ethics and mediation. Elaine’s passion is partnering with clients to enable outcomes improvements. Patient Safety Services focuses on Patient Safety Monitor™ implementation and adoption, leading to organizational learning, collaboration and patient safety governance.

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Elaine St. James, BSN, RN, CPHQ
Josh Ferguson APRN, ACNP, ANP-BC
Nancy Casazza, BSN, MMI, RN

How to Achieve Your Clinical Data Analytics Goals

Healthcare organizations know that they need to an effective clinical data analytics strategy to improve and survive in today’s challenging environment. In order to make these necessary improvements, healthcare leaders need to establish clear goals for their clinical data analytics initiatives.
Achieving these goals requires clinical teams to clearly identify problems and plan for how to achieve them. This article walks improvement teams through sometimes confusing process of identifying problems, setting clear, achievable goals, and common pitfalls along the way. Topics covered include:

Six categories of clinical data.
Three types of goals: outcome, process, and balance.
How to write an outcome goal.
Internal vs. External Benchmarks.
Mitigation strategies.
Getting clinical buy-in.