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Dawn Burke

Charlie's 2020 Impact on Prescription Renewal Requests

Managing seemingly simple tasks like prescription renewal requests can be time consuming — pandemic or not, they continue to flood providers’ inboxes. That’s why we’re excited to share the impact our renewal solution, Charlie, has had across our customers in 2020 and the years immediately leading up it. Charlie’s ability to delegate and streamline the renewal workflow frees up time for providers and staff to focus on top of license activities and patient care.

Dawn Burke

The Right Mix: Assembling a Prescription Renewal Protocol Committee

Developing thorough, effective prescription renewal protocols so you can delegate the task to non-providers requires input from multiple people. Be careful when assembling your protocol committee though — enlist too many people and it will be challenging to make progress! What is the right number of contributors, and who should be included to ensure productive, insightful discussions on how to provide the best care for patients requesting prescription renewals?

Dawn Burke

Ensuring Continuity of Care & Recouping Revenue Post Pandemic

As the world focuses on solving the COVID-19 pandemic, patient care must still continue to the best extent it can. While virtual visits are a great solution to today’s needs and can still be valuable in many instances post-pandemic, there needs to be a plan to transition back to in-person appointments when the time is right — both to regain normalcy for patients and to begin recouping lost revenue for clinics.

Dawn Burke

Refill Request Metrics: What You Should Be Measuring

Forward-thinking healthcare organizations are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient, create capacity, and improve the overall delivery of care. One area of focus that can have a significant impact on reducing provider burnout, improving patient satisfaction, and more is the prescription refill request workflow.