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David Grauer joined Health Catalyst as a Senior Vice President in September, 2016 after spending 23 years in various administrative positions at Intermountain Healthcare. Most recently, David served as the CEO/Administrator of Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City

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David Grauer

Communication in Healthcare Culture: Eight Steps to Uphold Outcomes Improvement

Healthcare leaders looking to establish and sustain a culture of large-scale outcomes improvement must communicate their health system’s values, beliefs, and norms throughout the entire organization. Effective communication spreads understanding of outcomes improvement, ensuring broad engagement and ongoing progress toward shared goals.
An eight-step strategy describes essential elements of organizational outcomes improvement communication plan:

Include a communications specialist on the outcomes improvement leadership team.
 Analyze the stakeholders early and often.
Craft the central message around shared values.
Be a constant champion.
Commit to regular times and mechanisms for communication.
Make sure communication flows both ways.
Be transparent.
Be creative.

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Outcomes Improvement Governance: A Handbook for Success and Achieving More with Less

For healthcare organizations looking to achieve outcomes improvement goals, effective governance is the most essential must-have. This leadership culture ensures success by enabling health systems to invest in outcomes improvement and allocate resources appropriately toward these goals.
This executive report is an outcomes improvement governance handbook centered on four guiding principles (and associated helpful steps) health systems can follow to achieve effective governance and start achieving more with less:

Stakeholder engagement
Shared understanding

With these four principles, organizations can build a foundation of engagement and focus around the work, where they maximize strengths, and discover and address weaknesses. They establish an improvement methodology, define their goals, and sustain and standardize improvement work.

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