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Dave Overfelt

Dave joined Health Catalyst in October 2014. Prior to Health Catalyst, he worked 4+ years with Medicity as a Senior Director of Technology where he was voted top 15 CIO’s in the state of Utah. Prior to that Dave worked for almost 9 years as a Senior Vice President of Software Development for one of the top 5 investment banks.

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Dave Overfelt

Here’s What’s New with the Mobile App for the 2016 Healthcare Analytics Summit™

Combine a registration site, networking and social media capabilities, a voting booth, an audience measurement device, a map, an audience participation tool, a QR code reader, a help desk, a calendar, and analytics software all into a single program and you get the Healthcare Analytics Summit app. For 2016, the HAS app holds a few new updates in store for attendees looking to enrich their conference experience. This article outlines what to expect from the new app and how it will help bring HAS 16 to life.

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Dave Overfelt

Motivating Employees Toward Wellness: There’s an App—and a Program—That Really Works

Insurance premiums increase for employers and productivity decreases for employees when the workforce is unhealthy. Absenteeism increases, morale decreases, but research proves that a healthy workforce positively impacts each of these measures. An employee wellness program is a proven method for improving employee health, but the challenge is in elevating wellness program participation. Well, there’s an app for that. It’s called Get Fit Stay Fit and it was developed by Health Catalyst to motivate their employees toward healthier lifestyles. It’s actually much more than an app and the results have been so impressive, we are looking for other organizations to step up to the challenge.