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Brent Dover

Brent Dover is a senior advisor and previously served as the President of Health Catalyst where he was responsible for all client-related activities, including sales, contracting, implementation, support, and on-going client relationship management in pursuit of outcomes improvements. Prior to joining Health Catalyst, Mr. Dover spent 14 years at Medicity in various executive leadership positions, culminating in his role as President. While at Medicity, he led the business growth and client experiences that resulted in an Aetna acquisition in 2011. Before Medicity, Mr. Dover was a Vice President at TSI/Eclipsys (now Allscripts) and at Sunquest Information Systems in Tucson, AZ (his hometown), for a combined total of eight years. He started his career at IBM as a Systems Engineer after graduating with a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona in 1988.

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Brent Dover

4 Bold Predictions for Healthcare Analytics in 2014 and Beyond

Looking ahead, 2014 feels like the turning point for analytics: those who have invested smartly will find themselves at a competitive advantage; those who haven’t will find themselves playing catchup.
Prediction #1: Health systems that invested in data warehousing as the foundation of their analytics strategy will emerge as industry and market-share leaders.
Prediction #2: Health systems that have not yet made a data warehouse investment will look for quick answers in their EHRs.
Prediction #3: Health systems will soon realize that EHR providers can’t provide the help they need for healthcare analytics.
Prediction #4: When it comes to analytics, no organization will be able to afford to sit on the fence.

Brent Dover

From Care Management to Population Health Management

Population health management is definitely a hot topic in healthcare today, so I’m excited for the opportunity to weigh in on it with this commentary. In a series of posts, I’ll explore: 1) The evolution of population health management, 2) Data needs for effective population health management, 3) Population health business models, 4) Vendor solutions.