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Bob White

Bob White joined Health Catalyst in September 2014 as Director Security & Compliance. Prior to joining Health Catalyst, He worked for Medicity as Director Security & Compliance. Prior to Medicity, Bob worked for 10 years in the financial industry as the VP Information Security and Business Continuity.

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Bob White

How Health Catalyst Ensures HIPAA Security Compliance: 2 Key Components

National awareness for the privacy and security of patient electronic health information is currently at an all-time high. Yet providing HIPAA-compliant solutions has been an ongoing priority since the founding of Health Catalyst. While our handling of PHI isn’t as extensive as that of a payer or healthcare provider, we are committed to complete compliance with HIPAA and ensuring the privacy and security of our clients’ PHI. This is possible because of our culture and advanced technology. Technology features include tracking and audit trails, physical security of the data, limited user access to data during deployment, role-based security features, protection of sensitive subsets of PHI, and ongoing control of user access regardless of the hosting environment.