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Bob Alexander

Bob currently leads the implementation and ongoing support of the CORUS Suite with a team of finance and technical professionals. Prior to joining Health Catalyst in 2016, Bob led the design of a home-grown, advanced activity-based costing system as a Lead Financial Analyst at UPMC after working in multiple departments through UPMC’s Finance Management Rotation (FMR) program. He was born in England, grew up in southeast Michigan, and became a US citizen in 2011. Bob has a degree in Finance from Penn State University and currently lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and daughter.

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Bob Alexander

Activity-Based Costing in Healthcare During COVID-19: Meeting Four Critical Needs

As health systems increasingly transition to a value-based care model, the financial strains and uncertainty of COVID-19 have placed more urgency on cost management. More than ever, organizations need a costing solution that helps them understand the true value of their services. With the right next-generation activity-based costing (ABC) tool, health systems can access the detailed data they need to lower the cost of care, automate costing activities, and reduce administrative costs while preparing for the mounting intricacy of the post-pandemic setting.
Activity-based costing meets healthcare’s complex COVID-19-era costing needs by addressing four big challenges:

Data management.
Ongoing maintenance.