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Adam brings 20+ years of population health management experience working with payers, providers and hospital systems to Health Catalyst. Adam's many accomplishments include developing an Advisory Services Dept. with offerings that spanned from analyzing data (HL7 and C-CDA) for population health to clinical program enablement, leading a state-wide Chronic Care Management Program responsible for more than 80,000 Medicaid beneficiaries that improved quality and reduced costs, and developing a comprehensive Wellness Program for small to mid-size commercial populations. This program included biometric screening, customized online health risk assessment, telephonic coaching programs and reporting on outcomes.

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Adam Bell
Kristen McRae

Continuity of Care Documents: Today’s Top Solution for Healthcare Interoperability Demands

While healthcare waits for the expanded data interoperability that FHIR promises, the industry needs an immediate solution for accessing and using disparate data from across the continuum of care. With FHIR potentially several years away, continuity of care documents (CCDs) are the best option for acquiring the ambulatory clinical care data health systems need to close quality gaps today. Because organizations that rely only on claims data to drive quality improvement risk missing out on more that 80 percent of patient information, CCDs are the current must-have answer to interoperability for successful quality improvement.

Adam Bell
Carol Owen
Dan Soule
Eric Crawford

Pairing HIE Data with an Analytics Platform: Four Key Improvement Categories

Population health and value-based payment demand data from multiple sources and multiple organizations. Health systems must access information from across the continuum of care to accurately understand their patients’ healthcare needs beyond the acute-care setting (e.g., reports and results from primary care and specialists). While health system EHRs have a wealth of big-picture data about healthcare delivery (e.g., patient satisfaction, cost, and outcomes), HIEs add the clinical data (e.g., records and transactions) to round out the bigger picture of patient care, as well as the data sharing capabilities needed to disseminate the information.
By pairing HIE capability with an advanced analytics platform, a health system can leverage data to improve processes in four important outcomes improvement areas:

Machine learning
Professional services
Data governance