The HAS™ 15 Analytics Walkabout: “Speed Learning” for Outcomes Improvement

For the second year of the Healthcare Analytics Summit, we are very excited to roll out several firsts, including a distinctively participatory program called the Analytics Walkabout. The Walkabout is a healthcare analytics “speed learning” program that offers a unique opportunity for every type of attendee—clinicians, data architects, executives—to meet with subject matter experts at whatever level desired.

But first, a little background. Last year’s Summit was about education and principles of using analytics to transform healthcare. This year’s Summit promises to focus on pragmatic advice that you can put directly into play on your journey toward outcomes improvement. It will also be your opportunity to be involved in implementing healthcare data analytics as it reaches critical mass in clinical and financial outcomes improvement.

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The Analytics Walkabout will be held in a large ballroom at The Grand America Hotel, consisting of 30-50 outcomes improvement stations where HAS ‘15 attendees can engage in up front and close discussions regarding specific technical, clinical, or financial analytics and outcomes improvement projects. Stations will be staffed by storytellers representing many tiers in healthcare, speaking about topics that will include:

  • Build or buy an EDW
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Community care
  • Data driven culture
  • Data governance
  • Diabetes
  • Executive dashboards
  • Heart failure
  • How to deploy an EDW in 90 days
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Population Explorer and Comorbidity Analyzer
  • Practice management
  • Provider productivity
  • Reducing labor costs
  • Reducing reporting costs
  • Revenue cycle management and Revenue Cycle Explorer
  • Sepsis
  • Shared risk / ACO Explorer
  • Stroke

Engaging, Educational and Entertaining

When poster sessions dream, they’ll imagine themselves here, transcending the boundaries of static illustrations and text, and moving onto this next level of engagement and learning. The Walkabout is your chance to extract learning through standard 10-minute segments, or by customizing your time with any given storyteller. This is the true meaning of quality time, so we’ll have two different walkabout sessions. The 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. time on Tuesday evening, September 8, will also serve as the opening reception for the 2015 Summit. If you choose, you’ll be able to hit the ground running straight out of registration. And because you won’t be able to absorb the variety of options in one session, the second “speed learning” session will run from 5:00 to 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday evening prior to dinner. You’ll have food and beverages in the room while you browse and interact, making both sessions relaxing and informal.

puzzle piece walkaboutBut we’re throwing in a little something extra. To make the Walkabout even more enjoyable, we’re turning it into a treasure hunt, of sorts. Upon registration, you’ll download the HAS15 mobile app to your smartphone or tablet. New functionality in this year’s app will physically track your journey to outcomes improvement via GPS monitoring, including the amount of time you spend at each station. You’ll receive a new puzzle piece by visiting a station for 10 minutes or longer. Completed puzzles can be turned in for gifts on both days. Spend quality time at the Walkabout and you’ll be rewarded with more than a great educational experience.

From the outstanding lineup of keynote speakers, to twice the number of breakout sessions from last year, the Walkabout offers a third way for you to engage and become part of the analytics critical mass movement. In some cases, Walkabout storytellers will duplicate content from the breakout sessions giving you the opportunity to dive a little deeper into subject matter that matters to you.

This will be a true value added experience at the 2015 Healthcare Analytics Summit, so come prepared to interact, socialize, learn, and have fun with entertaining competition all at the same time.

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