The Top Two Reasons to Attend the Analytics Walkabout

The Analytics Walkabout, back by popular demand at the 2016 Healthcare Analytics Summit, showcases more than 30 outcomes improvement successes from healthcare organizations around the country. Between 32 up-close-and-personal Analytics Walkabout stations, eight powerful keynote sessions, and 27 educational breakout sessions, the Healthcare Analytics Summit features 67 national case studies demonstrating how healthcare organizations use analytics to improve care.

The Top Two Reasons to Attend

There are numerous reasons to attend the Analytics Walkabout, but here are the top two:

#1: The Chance to Have One-on-One Conversations with More Than 30 Outcomes Improvement Teams

What makes the Analytics Walkabout so unique is the rare opportunity to interact and learn from 32 national outcomes improvement teams from a variety of organizations (academic medical centers, children’s hospitals, ACOs, community hospitals, integrated delivery systems, etc.). Attendees get the chance to have one-on-one conversations with project leaders, clinicians, and other team members about their successes (and challenges) in a casual, candid atmosphere enriched by live demos, stunning visuals, and fine dining. Attendees will come away with helpful how-to strategies they can apply to their own work.

#2: There’s Something for Everyone: Clinical, Financial, and Operational Outcomes Improvements

The Healthcare Analytics Summit is dedicated to learning from industry leaders’ clinical, financial, and operational outcomes improvement successes. Whether attendees are interested in outcomes improvement from a clinical (improving sepsis care), operational (reducing system-wide length of stay), or financial (managing costs in an at-risk environment) perspective, the Analytics Walkabout covers a wide range of topics and focus areas; it has something for everyone.

How to Maximize Your Analytics Walkabout Experience

Here are a few tips for making the most of your Analytics Walkabout experience:

  • Dine. With all the walking and talking you’ll do, make sure to indulge in the Grand America’s delicious cuisine (available throughout the Walkabout).
  • Browse. Each station has a board describing the outcomes improvement project and its outcomes. With over 30 stations to choose from, the boards help you decide which ones to visit.
  • Chat. Spend time at the stations most interesting or relevant to your work. Feel free to talk to members of the healthcare organization’s improvement team; they’ll be eager to give you deeper insights.

Be a part of this extraordinary Analytics Walkabout experience by joining us at the 2016 Healthcare Analytics Summit on September 6th through 8th in Salt Lake City.


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