HAS 17 Metrics—From Attendee Experience to Superheroes

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The 2017 Healthcare Analytics Summit™ (HAS) conference welcomed a formidable crowd of 1,176 attendees representing 300 organizations. Most participants—67 percent—were healthcare providers, 50 percent of whom were executives or senior leaders. These influential attendees were overwhelmingly satisfied with the HAS 17 experience: 99.4 percent reported overall satisfaction, 99.7 percent would recommend HAS to a friend, and 98.4 said the event lived up to its commitment to educate. An infographic (link below) displays these metrics and more.

Attendees largely described their roles as IT or information systems professionals or analysts. About a quarter of participants were new to healthcare, with 24.9 percent reporting zero to five years of experience, while a slightly higher portion (27.6 percent) had 11 to 20 years of experience. Close to half, or 45.7 percent, of HAS 17 attendees represented a healthcare organization, followed by 26.1 percent representing a healthcare consultant.

The crowd had deep experience in analytics, with 64.8 percent reporting a successful data warehouse in place. Many indicated room for improvement in this area, with 49.7 percept describing their analytics adoption levels as intermediate. Quality improvement metrics were also positive, with opportunities for growth; 59.2 percent of attendees said they were very involved in quality improvement, and 47.3 percent said the strength and culture of quality improvement at their organization was good or average.

Attendees shared their views on population health at their organizations, with 62.3 percent reporting moderately successful initiatives to date. Looking ahead, 77.3 percent estimated that value-based reimbursement would improve quality of care. At 39.9 percent, social determinants of health received the majority of votes as the most important data set in new value-based care models.

Lastly, in keeping with the HAS 17 superhero theme, Wonder Woman beat out the likes of Batman and Superman to win favorite superhero with 25.9 percent of votes.

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