Winning Big with Your Healthcare Analytics Knowledge: HAS™ 16 The Price Is Right

price is right HASIn keeping with the HAS tradition of ah-ha experiences (interactive, energetic, and diverse learning opportunities), the 2016 summit will once again present a special healthcare analytics version the television game show The Price Is Right. This year’s presentation, The Price Is Right 2.0: Designing Population Health to Thrive in a Value-Based World, will cover four analytics principles with different activities for each. The game session promises real excitement (complete with great prizes and big visuals) but is built on the same substantial educational objective as all HAS offerings—just with a little more applause, laughter, and on-stage action.

Participants can test, and grow, their healthcare analytics knowledge with formats modeled directly after The Price Is Right, including a bidding game, a matching game, and a round of Plinko. The four healthcare analytics principles in focus will be:

  1. At-risk contracting
  2. Matching patients to programs
  3. Engaging all stakeholders
  4. The Necessity of the Three Systems

At-Risk Contracting: The Bidding Game

Following the principles of at-risk contracting, contestants will bid on cohorts of patients. Contestants will receive additional data, or bids, based on principles of activity-based costing (ABC), as they’ll need to know activity costs to better determine PMPM payments and the like.

Matching Patients to Programs: The Matching Game

There will be five large signs set up on stage. Each sign will represent a program and will have an associated shape, color, and number. The contestant will move one of five volunteers under the sign of each care plan. Each volunteer will have three signs corresponding to the program in which he or she belongs. The contestant gets two guesses: the first guess is with no data and the second guess is with some data, but it will be misleading. We then uncover all of the data to arrive at the best answer. Part of the lesson is that there is no perfect match of patient to program or program to patient, but with enough data, we can find the best programs to serve populations of patients.

Plinko: Engaging All Stakeholders

Bringing the principle into focus of engaging all stakeholders, contestants will tackle the Plinko board. The first drop (round) will utilize hidden pegs to represent barriers in the way of good outcomes (or their chip from reaching its target). The contestant will of course need to remove the barriers in order to improve outcomes. For the second drop, the “barriers” are removed, as the pegs are clearly visible. The third drop represents stakeholder engagement, and the player will be able to place pegs into the board to directly guide the chip to the best outcome.

The Outcomes Improvement Game: The Necessity of the Three Systems

The Outcomes Improvement Game will focus on the three systems of outcomes improvement:

  • Analytics = How are you doing?
  • Best Practice = What should you be doing?
  • Adoption = How do you accelerate change?

Guests returning from HAS 15 will recognize this game from last year, though this year’s contestants will play on the screen electronically rather than use the Frisbees. To win at outcomes improvement, the contestant will need to have all three systems. Each electronic Frisbee has one of the three systems on the back, and two wilds have all three systems. The contestant gets two free picks and can earn three additional picks by guessing within $10 of the price of three health-related items.

Come on Down!

In addition to enjoying some of the most dynamic healthcare analytics learning on offer, contestants can win fabulous prizes (such as an Apple Watch) and lovely parting gifts. The Price Is Right takes place on day two of HAS 16 (Wednesday, September 7) from 4:15–5:15pm. All HAS participants who wish to take part must sign up. Registered attendees will receive an email with sign-up information.

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