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Data & Analytic Transformation

Lay the groundwork for a high-functioning analytic platform.

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Financial Transformation

Balance risks and help set a sustainable course forward.

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Care Transformation

Identify and implement appropriate changes in care delivery.

Data & Analytic Transformation

Leverage data as a strategic asset for success in population health.

Taking a data and analytics-first approach to population health, we’ve developed 300+ source connectors, 6,175 preloaded value sets, 50+ prebuilt population health metrics, 22 chronic condition registries, 20 out-of-the-box risk models–all on the foundation of a 100% open and configurable data platform.

Aggregate data from disparate sources for actionable insight.

Model data based on the specific needs of your populations and risk contracts.

Leverage starter set analytics for successful value-based care opportunity analysis and performance monitoring.

Stratify patient populations to identify high-risk and impactable groups.

Provide executive insights intro contract performance across multiple populations through dashboard reporting.

Refine strategy with benchmark peer comparison analytics tuned to population health and ambulatory care.

Collaborate with population health experts to surface actionable insight.

Develop a strategic and operational roadmap for clinical, financial, and operational transformation.

Financial Transformation

Access timely and holistic insight into your performance in value‑based contracts.

With population health-focused metrics and nearly 100 prewired claims sources, we’ve delivered rich insight to our customers in shared-risk contracts, helping them understand and improve their payment performance and successfully manage risk in the split fee-for-service / fee-for-value world.

Access cross-continuum intelligence in and out of network to understand cost, utilization, and network management.

Improve patient care—and enable better performance in value-based contracts—through accurate coding.

Manage cost and variation associated with CMS-defined and custom payment bundles.

Leverage activity-based costing from general ledger data to access a comprehensive view of the cost of care.

Achieve peak performance in value-based contracts.

Guide decisions and management regarding payer programs such as BPCI and to support CIN operational planning and implementation.

Care Transformation

Identify—and address—gaps in care to improve care delivery and patient outcomes.

Our advanced analytics and expertise have helped diverse organizations generate 115+ validated successes in population health—representing higher care quality, lower costs, and better patient experience. More than 50 accelerators in high-opportunity areas support a disciplined, data-driven approach to improvement.

Embed near real-time analytics into current workflow processes to improve care management.

Leverage anaytics to close care gaps and improve quality measure performance.

Drive a focus on high-opportunity areas—readmissions, chronic conditions such as COPD and diabetes—to improve care and lower costs with our 50+ analytic accelerator tools.

Partner with our team to assess your readiness, plan a strategy, and implement a care management program and system of evaluation.

Improve quality, operational performance, and patient and provider engagement.