Introducing the Breakthrough Health Catalyst Care Management Product Suite

Care management solutions have been around for a long time, showing up most strongly for the payer side.  The concept of care management is based on the widely accepted premise that focusing on the 5 percent of a healthcare organization’s patients that consume 50 percent of its resources can reduce costs and increase the quality of care.

However, upon closer examination, this is a simplistic assumption surrounded by a myriad of complexities which are hard to execute successfully. In fact, as we looked at the market, we found that the existing solutions were increasingly inadequate, inefficient, and ineffective in improving the clinical and financial outcomes needed in our upcoming population health and value-based care environment.

For example, some of the common problems we heard or observed:

  • How can we best select the group of care management patients who will be most likely to have both positive clinical and financial outcomes?
  • How can we streamline the patient intake and care team assignments in a much more efficient way?
  • How can we coordinate the communication and engagement between the many members of the care team, patient, and families who may be widely spread between different organizations and technology platforms?
  • How do we assess the effectiveness of our care management programs with the type of metrics and measures required in a value-base contracting environment?
  • How can we reduce the stress and workload created by the complexities of having multiple software programs from different vendors, compounded by the additional manual processes needed to keep the program running?

The Health Catalyst Care Management Suite Answers These Struggles

To solve this problem, Health Catalyst partnered with organizations who have had success in care management such as Allina Health in Minneapolis, MultiCare Health System in Washington state, Partners HealthCare in Boston, and Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta to develop an end-to-end solution that addresses all of these questions.

Health Catalyst’s Care Management Suite is healthcare’s first patient-centric, end-to-end, mobile-first population health solution.  More than just care coordination, the suite is the only solution with products based on the five parts of a well-organized care management program: (1) data integration, (2) patient stratification and intake, (3) care coordination, (4) patient engagement, and (5) performance measurement.


Powered by the Health Catalyst Analytics Platform™, the five applications in the Health Catalyst Care Management Suite work in concert to help healthcare organizations manage their highest-risk populations:

  1. Patient Stratification: Current care management solutions deliver static lists of patients who meet certain population health criteria, without actionable information on how to treat them. Health Catalyst’s Patient Impact Predictor™ enables identification of people who may fall anywhere along three levels of care management but who are most likely to benefit from specific interventions that have worked effectively in the past for similar patient types.
  2. Patient Intake: Health Catalyst’s Patient Intake tool is built to streamline the process of patient intake and care team assignment. It delivers an efficient way of consolidating and managing multiple lists, collaborating with the physician and reaching out to these patients so the real work of delivering care can be done.
  3. Care Coordination: It is important that the entire care team, along with the patient, and the patient’s family and friends, can communicate through the care management solution to develop relationships that help or encourage patient engagement. Health Catalyst’s mobile-first approach enables the care team to go where the patients are: their homes, physician offices, post-acute and long-term care settings. The solution supports all members of the care team including social workers, community resources, care navigators, etc. across multiple EMR systems.
  4. Care Companion: Most patients have experienced the frustration of not knowing their care plan nor how to become engaged to ensure the plan’s success. Health Catalyst’s patient engagement tools solve this problem by leveraging smart phones and mobile connectivity. The tools enable secure messaging, assessments, care planning, and the associated activities and education that engage patients in collaboration with their care team. Family, friends, or caregivers can be invited to share in these plans and communications to ensure patients receive the best care.
  5. Care Team Insights: Evaluating the effectiveness of population health and care management programs poses a significant challenge for healthcare organizations. But without the ability to assess and adjust these programs, it is impossible to be accountable for the care of patients. Health Catalyst’s Care Team Insights tool manages and reports on care management programs using metrics and measures appropriate to value-based contracting. Organizations can determine true Return on Engagement—for example, that $17 in savings on cost utilization is achieved for every $5 spent on complex care program.

Patient Impact Predictor™:  A More Detailed Look

One of our most important innovations is the Health Catalyst Patient Impact Predictor™, a unique process and technology that dynamically generates portfolios of patients, prioritized by actionable suggestions for risk intervention.

Current care management solutions use claims or EHR data, but rarely both, to stratify patients who meet two criteria: those that are highest cost (with multiple complex conditions); and those posing the highest clinical risk. However, this simplistic approach has its limits. Sometimes, the patients identified by this approach are high risk but are beyond the ability to intervene and actually change outcomes.

The Health Catalyst’s Patient Impact Predictor takes stratification to a new level with advanced client-configurable algorithms and variable weighting that analyze not only claims and EHR data together, but also socio-economic determinants, high-risk medication utilization, acuity of conditions, high-utilization predicted, and HCC scores. This innovative approach uses sophisticated analytics to be able to reveal additional, normally hidden, subsets of patients who might benefit from care management more than some of the traditionally selected high-risk or rising-risk patients.

Maximizing Your Return on Engagement™

Increasingly health systems will need to evaluate the success of their care management program outcomes in both clinical and financial measures as they assume more financial risk for in value-based care.  In traditional risk stratification approaches, some of the highest risk patients are beyond the ability to intervene and impact outcomes.  Succeeding in an increasingly risk based world will require an approach that allows you to measure and optimize how much it cost you to improve the patient health.    We call this concept optimizing your Return on Engagement™—how much does it cost to improve your patient outcomes. We believe this measure will increasingly become an economic imperative for healthcare organizations who are financial risk for achieving clinical outcomes in value-based care contracts.

The Health Catalyst Care Management Suite was developed to help health systems optimize their Return on Engagement.  We start with the innovative Patient Impact Predictor which allows health systems to identify the most optimal patients for care management, followed by our products aimed at optimizing the desired outcomes, all encompassed by measurement tools that help assess and report your outcomes.  We believe this is the most complete and comprehensive suite on the market, focused on helping health system delivering the best care management outcomes.

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If you would like to get more information, Dale Sanders and the Health Catalyst product development team hosted a Care Management Suite Product Webinar that can be viewed on demand. See demos of all five care management products, and a quick Q & A session.

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